Mayor of Christopher street - Marsha P. Johnson

Born August, 24th 1945, Marsha P. Johnson was always lively growing up. She was bold, daring, and always positive throughout her difficult childhood. Marsha was raised in a Roman Catholic home. She began crossdressing at a young age but was quickly punished for it. After graduating from high school Marsha moved to Greenwich Village N.Y. Marsha struggled heavily with money and even engaged in prostitution. However, she greatly enjoyed being a drag queen and the nightlife of the city. She even created her own costumes from local thrift shops. Her personality and local hype made her a significant figure within the LGBTQ+ community. She was named as a “drag mother” due to her aiding the homeless and the struggling LGBTQ+ youth as she travelled the world.  


Worthen, Meredith. "Marsha P. Johnson." February 27, 2018.

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