This is just an art film that I made for DMAC Invitational. It took nearly 60 hours to complete post-filming, and that doesn't even account for the time it took to formulate an outline that properly displayed everything here. It's rather experimental in nature, and can be appreciated in a similar way to a painting. There is no dialogue. It's very personal to me, and almost every, if not all, creative decisions are symbolic of, or allude to something that has a second meaning that means something to my life. It was certainly an enlightening experience to understand what it's like to independently make a short film, and though I wish I would have done some things differently and put more time into certain categories, it having won an Award of Excellence at DMAC makes it worthwhile to a degree. Please enjoy, and feel free to interpret in whatever way you want. That's what makes it art, after all. 

(It's also a major part of why it took so long for Pretzel Review #2 took longer to come out xox will never happen again)

Big guy, does the editing, hits the film, kickflip king

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