Organ Donors in America

It is an essential for survival, yet thousands of people around the world are in need of it every day; organs. In Casey Leins’ article “Should the Government Decide if You’re an Organ Donor”, the author explains the conflict of the U.S Government switching to presumed consent. Presumed consent is the Government assuming all citizens are organ donors, unless specifically stating otherwise. A few number of countries with the same donor deficit have used this system as a solution. Though many citizens are skeptical of presumed consent, studies show that it is in fact beneficial and working. Due to the many casualties from not having healthy organs, America should adopt the presumed consent system because it gives those in need of organs, more opportunities to live. This method is statistically effective, beneficial, and successful within the countries who have participated. Not only that, but multiple American states have already tried to pass this bill which comes to show that many people are willing to make this change. Lastly, those who oppose presumed consent may not realize that they still have a choice in whether or not they can be a donor or not, therefore this system does not interfere with any religions or infringe on one’s constitutional rights.

Multiple countries around the world who adopted the presumed consent are shown to have decreased their donor deficit. Studies show that this system is an effective, simple, and beneficial method to all. It is often argued that presumed consent barely makes a change since people can still opt-out, however these statistics show otherwise. “Past research also has found a 20 to 30 percent increase in organ donation among countries that use presumed consent systems…” this quotes proves that it is a common misconception that presumed consent an ineffective system. The countries involved in presumed consent set a positive example to America, as it convinces many states that this is a beneficial system

States across the U.S have made attempts to pass bills supporting presumed consent. Though all bills failed, this shows that there is an interest in adopting this system because of its effectiveness, and it being beneficial to all. States such as New Jersey have tried to pass the bill because political figures too are being affected by the donor deficit. This problem is present in many people’s lives which is why New Jersey and other states like California, Colorado, Delaware, and New York are trying to pass presumed consent. “Legislators in states like Colorado, Delaware, and New York have pushed for presumed consent; in fact lawmakers in at least seven states have looked at presumed consent between 2011 and 2015.” This quote shows that despite the bills getting turned down, many states are in agreement that this system would benefit their citizens. If the states continue to push for the bill, then it might get passed as long as they gain support from the people.

One conflict for presumed consent getting denied as state laws is because of the citizens opposing it. Many worry that they will not have a choice anymore on whether or not they can be a donor. Not only that be they think that because they do not have choice, this system will go against their religion. This creates controversy because forcing one to betray their religion would be going against the constitution. “13 European countries that used a presumed consent system, found family members can halt the organ donation process even when their considerations aren’t legally warranted.” This quote shows that one has a choice to be a donor or nor, and even when deceased they can still change their mind. Therefore this does not interfere with anyone’s religion or infringes on anyone’s constitutional rights. If one has no reason to opt-out of presumed consent then they will be saving a life.

Everyday someone dies because they do not have healthy organs, and they can not do anything about it. However if countries get involved by adopting systems such as presumed consent, then it will help this problem immensely. With that being said, with many positive given statistics from other countries, and rational reasonings, there are only some few reasons why America should not adopt the system. Otherwise presumed consent will decrease organ deficit without infringing on people’s constitutional rights, or religion. All in all, letting the government decide if one is an organ donor, will be very beneficial to those in need as it will decrease donor deficit.

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