Asphalt Green: GOAT!

We love Asphalt Green! It's an organization that goes the extra mile for the youth of NYC, delivering free and low-cost community programs in schoolyards, gymnasiums, community centers, and pools across the city. They also provide scholarships in youth programs that prepare middle schoolers for their high school careers and beyond. 

Sports can help children learn leadership, teamwork, self-esteem, and confidence. In New York City, children from low-income neighborhoods have limited access to organized sports and exercise. Asphalt Green is working to change that with their Community Sports Leagues.

Asphalt Green's Community Sports Leagues provide middle school children with the opportunity to play organized sports like flag football, basketball, and soccer as part of a school team. The Leagues have grown to serve more than 720 middle school students from 19 New York City public schools and charter schools. Through team sports, the players learn important life skills, such as sportsmanship, responsibility, and healthy exercise habits.

We got to see the great work Asphalt Green is doing for students first hand. Check out the video! 

Learn more about Asphalt Green's Community Sports leagues here.

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