Mother Nature

He planted a seed in the ground surrounded by a field of grass

He gave her a name as he watered her everyday

Giving her life to this world as he watched her grow

From just a little seed to a grown tree

Under her skin and down within her she has dark roots

Roots that are a part of herself that will forever make her unique

As her roots grow stronger and tougher skin she lives her life.

With the red roses and their prickly thorns bloom as her heartbreaks with fear

And the yellow sunflowers giving her the feeling of happiness

And the blue violets letting her teardrops fall off her leaves

Open your eyes through her life

For she has grown her own garden full of emotions

As she learned to be one of a kind

She has a heart full with love for each life that grows in her garden

For he called her Mother Nature.

I'm Rachael Domin! I do a lot of art; most of it is digital but sometimes I do traditional, too. I also like to write!!

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