Ozobots are a miniature robots that are commanded through series of codes. This was given to Mrs. Stephan’s chemistry class and Miss Ligouri’s English 10 class. With these ozobots, each were programmed differently from one another, but it still ends up with same the result. These little individuals read their codes from under their body and each programming code activates a certain function such as an increase in speed, spin around, or even stop for a brief moment.

For the english class, they were assigned to create a haunted murder mystery story in which the ozobots were coded through colored lines and helps guide the audience through each group’s stories. The students were given a storyboard to draw on and on that drawing requires the color coded lines in which the ozobot can follow on. This gives it a path as well as functions that the students believed to help emphasize their narrating.

For the chemistry class, their assignment was to choose an element from the periodic table and have the ozobots become the electrons. Electrons are the negative energy in an atom that circles around the nucleus. Unlike the ozobots that are coded through colored lines, the students were given iPads in which there was an application named “OzoBlockly” and this flashes the colorded codes under the ozobots. These ozobots didn’t follow a path, but were spinning in opposite directions as an electron’s movement would behave as.

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