Fusfoo Five: What to Watch

Westworld, HBO

 Among this season’s must-watch shows is HBO’s Westworld, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s sci-fi thriller series about a high-tech theme park full big-money guests and their preprogrammed A.I. hosts. Within the park, guests are free to act as they please without any repercussions, or so says the brochure. 

Westworld Creators Explain Debut Episode


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Black Mirror, Netflix

If you haven’t heard about season three of Black Mirror, writer Charlie Brooker’s dark, amusing vision of society’s tech-dependent future, you better check your laptop battery. Each gripping episode features completely different cast members, themes and scenarios, but they all pose the same question—what does the “real” in reality mean?

Black Mirror Costume Designer Interview


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Freakish, Hulu

Hulu’s original horror series Freakish follows the nightmare survival fight of a group of students trapped in their high school after the sudden explosion of a local chemical plant. Featured emergencies include dense chem-clouds, menacing mutants and a mystery sickness sweeping the student body.

Freakish at New York Comic Con


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Haters Back Off, Netflix

 Haters Back Off, the Netflix comedy about the rise of fictitious, Napoleon Dynamite-esque YouTube starlet Miranda Sings, is living, streaming proof that the only difference between success and failure is your definition of each. The show stars executive producer Colleen Ballinger as Miranda and Steve Little as her eccentric in-house PR agent, Uncle Jim.

Miranda Sings Speaks On The Haters


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The Walking Dead, AMC

Though the dead have been walking for seven straight years, AMC’s hit creature-feature has yet to slow down—the recent season opener pulled 17 million viewers, drawing more eyes than even NFL Sunday Night Football. Episode one was definitely a shocker, but nobody likes spoilers, so let’s just say some people died.

The Walking Dead: Too Big To Fail


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