Community College Vs. University

As many high schoolers are preparing for their transition from high school to college, many students are unaware of their options. There is a ton of pressure to pick the right college, and for very many high school seniors that means applying to those high-ranking four-year universities. But is that the best option? There has been a huge growth in students attending community colleges for two years and transferring to universities. There are plenty of advantages to both. This article is for those who are struggling with their decisions with their higher education choices. In this article both community college and four-year university pros and cons will be presented. In the infographic, it gives you an idea how much you could be spending in your higher education.


Community College

            If you are struggling with a decision make sure to keep a community college on your academic radar:

  • -The Cost: community colleges are definitely the most affordable
  • -The flexibility: class schedules and hours are move flexible to move around
  • -The support: throughout the transition from high school to college the student can be available to more support
  • -The network: connections throughout the school can often help students find jobs.

Community College Is Cheaper

            Student loan debt is staggering over $1 trillion dollars, and being able to find a more affordable way to attend college is a mission for many families. Tuition at a community college is roughly $3,709 dollars per year versus over $30,000 at a private university. That in itself is an obvious reason many people choose a community college. You can complete the first two years of your higher education for a huge saving in your pocket. After that you are able to apply those credits to a 4-year university. If this is something you are interested in make sure to double check those credits.


            Many high school graduates get jobs as soon as they are able to after graduation. Attending a community college will give you a more flexible schedule to make the most convenient times for you. “It really just depends on the students and the student’s families’ situation” says Principle Withers. Mothers and full-time workers may find it more difficult to do morning or afternoon classes, with that being said many professors offer night classes for this reason.


            The transition from high school to college has a different effect on every student. Attending a small community colleges allows students to have more one-on-one time with professors for help on their studies. This is because of smaller classroom numbers. Community college can sometimes be known for helping students who struggled in high school. Which is true, because everyone has different intelligence levels. The flexibility allows students who have struggled in the past take their time on courses while potentially having a smaller work load.


            Getting a college degree is essential to finding a good job after graduation. Almost every school will help students find jobs at some point. When it comes to job or career opportunities it is sometimes a factor of what school you go to that allows you to have a career in the field you want. Students who want to study cosmetology may benefit more from a community college other than a 4-year university. Community colleges have a slight advantage when it comes to internships because professors may have networks with local companies. This can save you tons of money and cause less stress.

 Final Thoughts on Community Colleges:

            If you are looking for something that is extremely affordable, community college is your best bet. Community college attendance is rising by extreme numbers every year. Community college is a great option for anybody. By taking all these reasons into consideration can help you make the best choice for your education.



            If you are considering a 4-year Public or Private Universities here are a few things you may need to consider:

  • Degrees and Programs offered: a larger variety of degrees 
  • Dynamic Atmosphere: Social Opportunities are available 
  • On-Campus employment opportunities: if you need extra money universities offer many jobs 
  • Knowledgeable Instructors: Many state universities offer professors that may have more to offer

Degrees and Programs

            Unlike community colleges, universities may offer a larger range of studies available. From hundreds of different minors and major’s students are sure to find something that will interest them. These programs can also help you become available to more job opportunities, especially if you’re going to a higher-ranking school. 

 Dynamic Atmosphere

            Universities offer many different types of social engagement. With large student numbers, you can find student activities at every corner. In either private or public state universities, you will have a greater chance of chance of creating long lasting relationships with other people because of all the extracurricular activities. At a large state school the population will most likely be very diverse.

 On-Campus Employment Opportunities

            Many people while living on campus struggle greatly with financial disadvantages. While earning a degree, it will be best to have a couple extra dollars in your pocket. Instead of adding possibly an extra 30-minutes to your commute every day, there are employment opportunities on campus. In many cases, jobs on campus can provide tuition assistance. Many on campus jobs provide students with a compensation to pay off some of their tuition. 

 Knowledgeable Professors

            State schools often display that they offer the most qualified professors, which can be true. These teachers can give a better overall academic experience. However, I am not saying community college professors are underqualified. College instructors can often times help students find job opportunities in the work field.

 University overview

            If you are interested in attending a state university, this could be the best bang for your buck. In my research, I discovered that attending elite schools may give you a better shot at making more money and finding better jobs. If you are stressed about tuition, public and private schools hand out hundreds of thousands in scholarship money.


            In the argument over which one is better, I believe it just depends on your situation and what you want to do. Both choices offer advantages, but also come with those disadvantages. If you want to go the cheaper route community college is the way to go. However, if you want to undergo those life changing experience with the biggest bang for your buck, attend those prestigious 4-year schools. You shouldn’t stress over your college choice, everything will work out. 

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