Dear Evan Hansen: You Will Be Found

New York City is the home of many different shows, with Broadway’s forty theaters just being a small percent of it. Everyone who’s seen more than one show on Broadway has a favorite, a show that stood out to them as something far more important than the rest. But there is one show in particular that is not only important to people, but is about being important. This musical is Dear Evan Hansen.

Dear Evan Hansen follows a senior boy (Evan Hansen) who finds himself in a web of lies after his classmate (Connor Murphy) takes his own life while having a stolen note, that Evan wrote to himself (per his therapist’s request), in his pocket. Though there are a lot of things that you can take away from this musical, the number one message is that you matter. Through the show’s talented actors and beautiful score, the audience members are  left knowing that they are important, even if they didn’t do some historic thing. No one deserves to be forgotten, and at the end of the day, you will be found.

Dear Evan Hansen has been officially open on Broadway for a little over a year. The show has six Tony’s and one Grammy to it’s name. It has been very well received by audiences as well as critics. The New York Times called it “a gorgeous new musical for anyone with a beating heart.” To get more information on Dear Evan Hansen, go to .  Click here to see a video clip of "Waving Through the Window" from the show.  

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