Fusfoo News: February 26th

Olympics Close Out With A Bang

The PyeongChang Olympics ended as they started, with a spectacular and entertaining ceremony. Beyond the medals, the 2018 games took on a historical significance because both North and South Korean competed as one team in the women's hockey and marched together under a unified flag.

Korean president Moon Jae-in said in closing remarks, "The Olympic Winter Games at PyeongChang has come to an end, but the time of peace will continue."

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Xi Is Not Going Anywhere

In a move that has been expected for some time, China's governing Communist Party proposed an end to term limits for the presidency. The proposal would eliminate the two consecutive term maximum and would allow President Xi Jinping to remain as the Chinese leader after he is due to step down in 2023.

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NRA Boycott

Many companies are distancing themselves from the NRA after growing pressure from gun-control proponents following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.  A growing movement that began on social media has caused the NRA to lose support over the group's unwavering support for gun rights despite the mass shootings in schools during the first two months of 2018.

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