This year, Montour High School implemented a new course titled Mass Media. This course combines three classes into one for students. These classes include Digital Media, TV Production and Radio/Podcast. This was a collaboration between Mrs. Krall, Mrs. Kashmer and Mrs. Shaffer. Students are able to experience all three separate classes. This allows the students a chance to see what interests them and in some cases take a course  that can also be counted for college credit.

Mass Media is a news writing course in which the students can become journalists. The three individual classes are related to the news of modern world. Digital Media types and writes articles to the public, Radio captures audio for others to hear, and TV Production edits and renders the videos for everyone to watch. With this course, students brainstorm ideas on news that happen around the school on a monthly basis which can give them a topic to cover. For example, there can be a news topic about being the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

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