​Homework: Darren Criss’ New Album Reviewed

Homework: Darren Criss’ New Album Reviewed

Darren Criss is back with his first solo EP since Human EP in 2010. It’s called Homework and was released December 15, 2017 with 5 tracks.

- Foolish Thing

- I Dreamed a Dream

- Going Nowhere

- I Don’t Mind

- The Day That the Dance Is Over

His cover of “I Dreamed a Dream” was used to announce Elsie Fest, and his song “I Don’t Mind” was used to announce the new EP. “I’m not out to break the charts, rule the  radio, or change the world on this one. It’s just me being me, and making whatever that is totally available to you,” he posted. The entire album is calmer than most of Criss’s other music, like Human EP; it has orchestral backgrounds, acoustic guitars, and piano chords. It ends on a strong note with a powerful ballad, co-written by Chuck Criss.

Homework EP is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Click the link to check out his video…


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