Fusfoo News: February 5th

Does the Memo Matter? 

Congressional Republicans led by Representative Devin Nunes of California released a controversial memo that accused the FBI and Justice Department of abusing their surveillance powers to spy on a member of the Trump campaign suspected of being a Russian agent. After the memo was released, democrats and many in the spy community questioned both the content and the contention that the DOJ or the FBI had actually done anything wrong. 

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Eagles Beat Patriots in Stunner 

The Philadelphia Eagle got their very first Super Bowl win by defeating the New England Patriots in a game that was a nail biter until the final minutes. The Eagles delivered the one big defensive play that prevented Brady & Co from performing any last minute miracles in the 41-33 win. Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake did his job during the halftime show that included and ugly shirt, a Prince tribute, and what is sure to be the newest "selfie" meme. 

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Kylie Has Her Baby! 

Kylie Jenner is a mom! The youngest Jenner announced the news via an instagram post. The post linked to a heartwarming 11-minute video on YouTube, which chronicled her pregnancy journey with the rest of the Kardashian family and baby daddy, rapper Travis Scott. The video is the #1 trending video on the streaming service, gathering more than 24 million views in one day. 

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