The explanation about "manspreading"

"Manspreading", or "man-sitting", is the practice of men taking a large amount of space on public transit, benches, and even buses, by spreading out their legs so no one can sit down. It is even noticed as a crime to some and even illegal to people in Madrid. It does have some internet criticism, as some are happy, mad or annoyed by the subject of man spreading. The reasoning behind "manspreading" is because men want to assert authority and subsequently undermine women's right to space. In this video, women try to "manspread" to see if they get different reactions-- which they do. They get more stares and glares from men and women. The Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York has even released an "anti-manspreading" campaign which is trying to get riders to use courtesy on public transit. This really doesn't happen in rural areas of towns, but happens more in urban cities and bigger areas where public transport is a big part of a commute. 


Video about NYC Subways and what happens when a lady "manspreads"

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