Fusfoo News: January 16th

Immigration Meeting Goes Down the Hole

The "he said, he said" continues over the meeting between Republican and Democratic lawmakers and President Trump last week. Trump met with members of Congress to hear a new proposal regarding the fate of DACA, which supports citizenship for young undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children. An immigration deal remains up in the air. Harsh language was used, though exactly what was said remains a sticking point. Meanwhile, the dreamers wait to see whether a deal can eventually be hammered out. 

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No Airbrushing at CVS

CVS is making a major change in it's advertising strategy by embracing "beauty authenticity." The company announced that it will now alert customers when beauty images used in marketing and social media posts have not been altered via a watermark called the “CVS Beauty Mark.” CVS said it aims to completely eliminate retouching in all of its beauty advertising by 2021. 

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Mudslide Kills in California

A week after the most destructive mudslide in California in decades, the death count climbed to 20. Emergency responders continue to operate search and rescue operations, but as the days pass, hope for finding survivors has dimmed. The fires that brought devastation to southern California late last year were to blame for the intensity of the mudslides as the areas surrounding the town of Montecito were striped of trees and root systems that anchored the earth to its hillsides. 

U.S. Highway 101 remains closed as crews continue to remove tons of rocks and debris from this major thoroughfare, but is likely to reopen next week. 

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