Wish Upon My Star

When we were little we believed in wishing upon a star.
Something about it was so comforting
the thought that we could just see a star make a wish
and have our dreams come true.
But we got older and were still waiting for our wish
We were doubtful that it would come true but there was still hope. 
All of a sudden we get to school, and are told that stars die
Right before our eyes stars die before we even get see them
And when we do, it’s too late, they’ve already died 
That’s when we knew that our wish wouldn’t come true 
It was shocking, and we felt hurt
Why did people tell us to wish upon a star when they knew
They knew that the stars were already dead
So we stopped wishing and went on with our lives
But something was missing
There wasn’t that juvenile hope anymore 
It felt empty.
So one night, we went outside, and laid down in the grass
And waited for the familiar sight of a star 
And we wished
Because in that moment, it wasn’t about the wish coming true
It was about the hope that it provided
We knew that it wouldn’t come true, or that it wouldn’t give us some miracle
But it was comforting knowing that it was there, even if it really wasn't
After all, stars die right?
But so do we.
Maybe we all have a little bit of stars in us.
We’re here, and people see us, maybe even wish
But then we’re gone.
Before people could really even see us, we’re gone
To that stranger on the street, you're a shooting star; maybe they see something in you they want
Maybe it’s your hair, maybe it’s your fashion sense, 
But you’re there one minute and gone the next
And it’s comforting to see yourself in nature
Because yeah, we’re going to die, 
But nature dies around us all the time.
And so do people, 
but in the end,
We could all hope to die as graceful as stars
Because though they’re gone, people still wish on them
They pour their desires into a fleeting moment of a hot ball flying through space
So why not you, 
why not me,
Why not us
We see ourselves in nature because nature trusted us with themselves
They trusted us to encompass their beauty, and their hope.
It’s time we trusted nature and took our place among the stars
Shooting through the sky, gone again in the blink of an eye, 
But in its short span, hopefully changing someone’s life.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.  ~Edgar Allan Poe

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