Fusfoo Five: Tech (Intel Bug, Telemed, Robo Muscle)

5G is the Future

Forget about the 3G or even 4G networks. 5G is the future. 5G is fifth generation wireless and companies are promising all kinds of advances as networks upgrade in the next few years. The biggest change 5G will bring is in virtual and augmented reality. As our phones turn into devices that integrate with VR headsets, the very low latency and consistent speeds of 5G will literally change the way you see the world. \An internet-augmented world that is. 

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Intel Bug Brings Big Trouble

Security experts have found a super bug present in Intel processors manufactured over the last ten years and it might have serious consequences on the world of computing. 

The bug makes computers vulnerable to unauthorized programs to discern the "layout or contents of protected kernel memory areas." 

This essentially means if you're running Windows, Linux, or MacOS, the JavaScript in your browser could theoretically gain access to the area of your computer that protects passwords. 

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A world similar to that of WestWorld and Terminator is closer than you think. Columbia University researchers been able to create an artificial active tissue that can be 3D printed to imitate a muscle. The scientists have produced muscles that can lift 1,000 times its own weight. These advances will mean that a future with humanoid robots might become a reality, but first scientists must figure out how exactly to create this new breed of cyborg. 

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TeleMedicine is Here

Remote medicine is the wave of the future. Nomodeec unveiled its plans for remote emergency services and EMTs at this years CES and it's pretty remarkable. 

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Google Glass 2.0: Augmented Reality

A small tech team at Alphabet (not Google) adapted Google Glass for the workplace. Glass was developed as being a must-have for factory workers and emergency room personnel. Workers wear the headset to get "hands-free" guidance while keeping their eyes on their work. Glass 2.0 works like the previous version, putting messages and information directly in the field of view of the wearer. The big difference is that the users leave their headsets at the job. 

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