What's Raw Water?

Water is water, right? Not anymore. The newest fad sweeping Silicon Valley and other trendy neighborhoods is "raw water." It's essentially the water that you  would drink out of a fresh stream, packaged and delivered to a grocery store, or shipped directly to you. 

A company called Live Water sells its water as “naturally probiotic, perfected by nature” and sourced from Oregon's Opal Spring. The belief is that these probiotics are beneficial to health and well being, at least for those who can afford it's hefty price tag. A 2.5 gallon of Live Water sells for more than $30, but it does come in a beautiful, reusable glass bottle.  

Many are asking if it's safe? Some experts are concerned that raw water may contain things you don't want to drink, including dangerous bacteria, viruses and parasites that can make you sick. Would you spend money on Raw Water? 

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