Fusfoo News: December 18th

Lights Out in Atlanta

The world's busiest airport, Atlanta's Hartfield-Jackson International finally got its power back after a nearly 12 hour electrical outage caused chaos and delays in flights across the country and more than 1000 flights overall. 

The outage, which affected all airport operations, began with a fire in at a Georgia Power underground electrical facility. The electrical fire damaged the substations serving the airport, even disabling the airport's "redundant system" that should have provided backup power.

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Tax Bill Comes to Pass?

This week will see if Congress can pass it's long awaited tax bill into law. Final passage of the bill that will reshape the entire tax system is expectedas early as Tuesday.The bill would prove to be  first major legislative victory for President Trump and the Republican run Congress and Senate. 

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Star Wars Opens Big! 

The newest addition to the Star Wars saga opened big over the weekend. Rian Johnson’s sequel, The Last Jedi, earned more than $450m in just three days, according to Disney, making it the second biggest opening ever. The movie scored  a 93% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The massive debut for The Last Jedi lifts what has been a disappointing year for Hollywood movies. The weekend led by the Star Wars release was the highest grossing of the year.

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