Calpurnia: A Band You Should Know

If you are a part of the over 16 million Americans who watched Stranger Things 2 premiere weekend, or contributed to the box office results of 688.3 million dollars for the 2017 adoption of It, you probably know who Finn Wolfhard is. If you don’t, he is a fourteen year old actor and musician responsible for bring characters like Mike Wheeler and Richie Tozier to life. He has already proven himself to be a talented actor, and now he’s taking a chance in the music world with his band Calpurnia.

Calpurnia was created by Canadian teenagers Finn Wolfhard and Malcolm Craig along side Ayla Tesler-Mabe and Jack Anderson. As of December 2017, the band has released mainly covers and have shown an Indie-rock inspiration. They have signed with Royal Mountain Records and announced an untitled EP. The new EP will be recorded with Twin Peaks vocalist and guitarist Cadien Lake James and will be released in 2018. In a statement, Wolfhard said, “It is so sweet that we have such a good team at Royal Mountain Records, I love everyone on it. I’m extremely excited to record our EP with Cadien Lake James. Not only is he in one of my favorite bands of all time, and recorded some of my favorite songs, but he is also the sweetest guy ever. Thanks everyone so much who helped us out along the way, it means the world.” Calpurnia will be playing a sold out show in Brooklyn this January.

You can listen to their covers on YouTube 

and follow them on social media @calpurniaoffical on Instagram, and @caluprinaband on Twitter!

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