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The most legendary drought in professional sports ended on Saturday, as the Chicago Cubs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-0, earning themselves a trip to the World Series for the first time in 71 years. This notorious stretch stands as the longest period of time any professional team has gone without an appearance in a division or league championship game. By winning this playoff series, 4 games to 2, the Cubs also earned their first ever National League Championship. Former Cub and MLB Hall of Famer Billy Williams, 71, summed up the enormity of the achievement, mentioning “there’s a favorite saying in Chicago, I hope they do it in my lifetime.” Now comes the hard part—winning the title. The last time the Cubs won a World Series title was more than a century ago, during Teddy Roosevelt’s tenure in the White House.

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Historic World Series: Cubs and Indians Face Off:

#CubsWinCubsWinCubsWin #ItsOver #NLCSForChicago


As AT&T prepares to purchase Time Warner for $8.5 billion, questions and concerns loom regarding the real-world effects of this titanic cross-industry merger. The blockbuster deal would establish a media monopoly in which any outside company would be forced to negotiate directly with AT&T, rather than Time Warner, in order to gain licensing rights to the content of top networks like CNN, HBO, ESPN and Warner Brothers. Essentially, the move would make AT&T not only an informational medium, but a primary informational gatekeeper. However, the deal must first survive the scrutiny of regulators, including the Justice Department, who are acutely aware of the potential for societal manipulation that could arise, should the bulk of news and entertainment media be produced, owned and distributed by one superpower.

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Donald Trump Says These Deals Destroy Democracy:

#AT&TimeWarner #MediaMagnates #ContentControl


Steve Dillon, the British comic book artist famous for his work on Marvel titles like The Punisher, Judge Dredd and Preacher, has died in New York City at age 54. Born in Ludon, Bedfordshire in 1962, Dillon first made a name for himself as an artist while working with the legendary 2000 A.D. comics magazine. After meeting a writer named Garth Ennis, the pair began work with John Constantine on the DC Comics Hellblazer book. Soon thereafter, Dillon and Ennis created the heralded Preacher, a fan-favorite which spawned a popular TV series of the same name. As one of the modern comic world’s most talented teams, Dillon and Ennis continued to collaborate throughout the 2000s on The Punisher series. Later in Dillon’s career, he worked as a primary artist on the Judge Dredd series. 

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Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon Interview

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