Alphabet poem

Andy was a miserable old soul,

But all of his friends called him 

Cheerie, clearly because he was not so.

Day to day he would do the same things,

Eat, walk his dog and watch TV, but one one 

Friday evening Andy

Got the phone call of 

His life, he couldn't believe it, he was 

In luck, in fact major luck he had won the 

Jackpot of $20 million,

He could finally pay someone to 

Kill his worst enemy for years.

Leon was his name, back in the day he stole Andys 

Misses and he has 

Never recovered from it.

Only now has he had the chance to

Pay someone to finally kill Leon, no 

Questions asked.

Revenge was on.

Saturday came, and so did the money, it was finally

Time, Andy went to meet the assassin in the rain, he took his 

Umbrella, there was a 

Variety of ways and 

Weapons , but none quite Andys taste, so he went home took

Xanax and fell asleep, he woke up to 

Yellow flashing lights it was 

Zack the assassin, the assassin  Andy hired was Leons brother.


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