Fusfoo News: November 27th

Eruption Threatens Bali

Authorities in Bali, Indonesia are raising the alert to the highest level and have ordered almost 100,000 people near Mount Agung to evacuate as officials fear a major eruption. 

The volcano has been emitting "continuous ash puffs" occasionally accompanied by "explosive eruptions" and has prompted officials to shut down Bali's Ngurah Rai airport. The area, a popular tourist destination, has seen a drop in visitors over worries of an imminent eruption. 

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Zimbabwe Looks at Life Without Mugabe 

Robert Mugabe, longtime dictator of Zimbabwe, resigned last week after a military intervention and days of mass protests. Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in to replace Mugabe as president on Friday.

Many fear that the new president, who was involved in some of worst atrocities committed under the ruling Zanu-PF party since independence in 1980, is not the right choice to usher in the democratic reforms that the people of Zimbabwe are hoping for. With elections coming next year, onlookers from inside and outside the country will have to wait to see what the future of politics in Zimbabwe will look like.

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Harry to Marry

Handsome British Prince Harry is set to marry beautiful American actress Meghan Markle following a romantic year-long courtship. Happily ever after, we hope! 

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