Finally Home

Stiles Zuschlag finally got the homecoming he deserved. After the transgender teenager was asked to leave his Christian private school in New Hampshire,  he transferred to Noble High School in Maine and was voted homecoming king during the homecoming ceremony at their Friday night football game.

The teen never imagined he would discover love and acceptance in high school and told a reporter at NBC affiliate WCSH6, “My heart kind of dropped. I was extremely shocked and excited. I felt like crying — it was the most surreal thing that's ever happened to me, and I hadn't even been there a month yet.”

After coming out in 2015, Zuschlag was pressured by administrators at his former school to hide his transition by continuing to use the women’s restroom and playing for the girl's sports teams. He further alleges that despite having the highest GPA in the grade, he was told that he would never be valedictorian if he went through with his transition.

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