Business is Booming!

A new and exciting endeavor is taking center stage this school year in terms of classes. A business/entrepreneurship/marketing class has been opened to grades 10-12 in order to achieve a variety of ideas and resources. Headed by Ms. Greene and Ms. Zaffarese, the class is pitching in to provide all the necessities needed to create a new product. This is to be done in collaboration with the makers of the FabLab here at Mineola. Meetings upon meetings have and will be conducted among our class advisors and the head of the lab in order to make it work.

 Having a first hand experience myself, the creative freedom in the class allows us to express our individual ideas; this is most efficient in contributing to our success. Teams of Product, Price, Production and Place have been formed according to its purpose in developing the product. We are now hard at work in coming up with a product that will appeal to our customer base which is teens, teachers and parents. We will pitch our product ideas within our teams to the FabLab Team and see what we can work with. This product will be showcased at the winter concert on December 11th and later on its own personal website that we will contribute in designing. 

A meeting held by Dr. Smith in a recent class showcased the growth mindset that has been an integration in our school this year. An exercise was performed among the students to see which assigned team could balance a hula hoop enough to bring it down to the floor, using only one finger on the bottom of it. The point of it was to test out how we worked as a team and who was appointed as the unofficial leader in directing us how to proceed to get the best results. This is a key representation of how we will have to interact with each other in order to be successful mindfully and financially in our coming weeks as product makers. The creatively freeing class setting makes the hard work much more enjoyable for future days to come and I can't wait for our class to release a product that will benefit not only the Mineola community, but beyond that.

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