A Classic Mustang Homecoming

           At Mineola High School, students were anxious for the weekend to come, particularly  October 7th. Not because there's no school, though that's also a factor that contributes to why students were looking forward to it. However, the real reason is because October 7th marks Mineola High School's annual Homecoming. This is the day where floats, banners, and music fill up the streets of Mineola. This is the day where students get to proudly show their school spirit and come together to celebrate. 

          Homecoming is a must go to event for many students at Mineola High School. There's just so much excitement and happiness. How can one resist? The day starts off with a parade that begins on Andrews Road at 4:30 pm and a night game to follow. The parade features Mineola High School's court which is elected by the students. This year's court includes Freshman Princess-Colleen Miller, Sophomore Princess-Katelyn Escorcia, Junior Princess-Abbey Ahamed, Senior King-Mike Buono, and Senior Queen-Diana Araujo. Following the court are the seniors in their cars who are wearing school colors and having the time of their lives which is evident through their cheers and screams. This year's Homecoming has many changes from previous years - changes that everyone is eager to see.  Dr. Smith, the principal of Mineola High School, said, "This year's Homecoming is going to be a celebration of our new field at Hampton Street School. There's going to be a ribbon cutting ceremony. Also, the Homecoming Court will make a different entrance this year. It's going to be beautiful. This year we even created special parking opportunities for the seniors as they can't drive on the field." 

         "I'm especially excited for people to see our new hall of fame," Dr. Smith added. "This year's Homecoming is going to honor the class of 1967 which is a very special class that I think deserves recognition. I look forward to seeing our school spirit and do hope everyone that attends has a good time."

         Dr. Smith was right. Everyone who went to Homecoming had a blast. Although the football game went overtime, the Mustangs returned home with a win against Island Trees which only made the night more memorable. The students of Mineola High School had a grand time cheering on the players to victory. That moment represented true unity among the students. Junior class president Miguel Velasquez said, "What I love about Homecoming is that it brings people together and our class knows a thing or two about having school spirit."

        Homecoming isn't just where a parade takes place or a night football game, but it's also the place where fundraising is active. In fact, Athletes Helping Athletes raised money for the Wounded Warrior Project (over $200) and the Class of 2019 sold tattoos and bandanas for money that will go to their Prom. If you were at Homecoming, you could see how kind and supportive the students were which only adds to the many reasons why Homecoming is such a huge event. Ryan Demagistris, senior class secretary, shared his thoughts saying, "Homecoming is a wonderful event in which we get to show school spirit and interact with our fellow classmates. It's kind of like a bonding event." Homecoming is the perfect opportunity to bond and gain a better understanding with your classmates. The atmosphere is full of pep and joy as Mineola's Marching Band, Color Guard, and Cheerleaders perform for the big crowd. Students enjoy taking pictures and eating snacks provided by Mineola High School. Who wouldn't want to go to Homecoming when everyone is just so happy? 

         Homecoming is an amazing event because there's never a dull moment. There is just pure happiness and that's why so many students look forward to it. This is the day students show their school spirit. This is the day when everyone in Mineola High School feels united.

Ziya is a junior at Mineola High School and is a part of Mineola High School's newspaper club. Once she starts writing, she can't stop. She expresses herself through words and hopes her writing opens up a new door in your life. 

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