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Vegan startup Impossible Foods has introduced a new, incredibly meat-like patty, dubbed the Impossible Burger. The natural, pink color of the “meat” and the “blood” within it come from the addition of heme, an iron-based molecule extracted from soy plants. Unlike compressed vegetable burgers, Impossible patties are formulated from water, wheat, coconut oil, soy and potato proteins, then finished with a trademark blend of amino acids and sugars. Rather than catering exclusively to vegetarians, Impossible Foods aims to reach carnivores looking to reduce meat intake for personal wellness and environmental reasons. The company is also said to be developing similarly styled chicken, pork, fish, and dairy products.

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After somehow being mailed his pre-ordered Google Pixel smartphone prior to its October 20###sup/sup### release, one Reddit user has unboxed the device and displayed the results for all to see. Of particular interest are the device-captured image samples the user has provided, including low-light videos shot at 60 frames-per-second and 30 frames-per-second, and pictures taken in ultra-sharp 4K mode. The Reddit user also provides a thorough rundown of the phone’s physical features, software and interface details. Google’s Pixel phone is designed to put the company in market contention with established smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple.

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Google Pixel Phone Overview

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According to Christoph von Hugo, the Mercedes manager of driverless car safety, his company’s autonomous cars will be designed to preserve driver and passenger safety at all costs, even if that means sacrificing the lives of pedestrians it may hit. For example, if a vehicle is set to crash, its algorithms will be programmed to make any and all maneuvers least likely harm the car’s passengers, even if these choices result in a group of children on the sidewalk being struck. In explaining this course of thinking, von Hugo says "if you know you can save at least one person, at least save that one. Save the one in the car…if all you know for sure is that one death can be prevented, then that’s your first priority."

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Ride in the Mercedes F 015 Driverless Car

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With a little help from software emulation apps, smartphone users can keep all of their favorite 80’s and 90’s video games right in the palm of their hand. All smartphone users except iPhone owners that is—Apple does not allow emulation programs in the App Store. And though software piracy is illegal, software emulation is not. The only catch? To legally use an emulation app, players are technically required to physically own the game, or own it on a separate digital platform. Among the most popular emulated systems are the Atari 2600, Nintendo (NES), Gameboy, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation. Typical emulator features include game save slots, fast-forwarding, cheats, controller support and video filters.

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Top Android Emulator Apps

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Among the multiple green initiatives recently introduced by Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is a measure that allows Parisians to plant urban gardens anywhere in the city. All participants will be issued three-year renewable permits and are asked to utilize sustainable gardening techniques and avoid pesticides while developing their plots. Hidalgo’s aim is not only to naturalize the city, but also to encourage socializing and community building as neighbors develop gardens together. Another Mayoral green initiative involves converting the Georges-Pompidou expressway into a nature-based pedestrian walkway similar to New York City’s High Line.

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Paris: 100 Hectares of Green Space by 2020

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