Not Your Parents' Library: MHS Library Continues Evolving

Quiet, peaceful, intellectual, and maybe even boring - these are things many people think of when imagining the library. Not so fast, now, our very own library has gotten some new modern improvements that can interest even the book haters! 

Let's start off with one of the most exciting new features - the library has gotten two Virtual Reality machines, the Oculus Rift, and the Htc Vive located in the back of the library. These new machines can be signed out by students in twenty minute time slots during lunches, periods 5-8, and after school in the library Tuesdays to Wednesdays. Because you can't see while using the Virtual Reality, you will need adult supervision while using this device. So, the library is looking for responsible student aids to assist with watching people use the Virtual Reality.  This way, the time available for the use of the machines expands. 

You may also have noticed a new room in the library, and it is currently empty. This room is soon to have new “flexible” furniture.  The desks and chairs will be able to move around to fit each of its users’ needs. The most interesting part about this room is the soundproof glass; teachers will be able to bring their classes to this room when they might need it. When the room is not in use by teachers, students will be able to use this quiet room as a study area.

More new features of the library include the new carpet, and double the amount of Chromebooks - basically laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS.

Whether you're going to the library for the books, the board games, the Virtual Reality, or to study, it's very important to have your student ID with you whenever you come to the library, so make sure you bring it!

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