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Red Sox Use Apple Watch to Steal Signs from the Yankees

Stealing signs is almost as old as baseball itself, but the Boston Red Sox took things to a new level based on accusations that they used technology to grab signals passed between the pitcher and catcher. 

The New York Times reported that "MLB has determined that the first-place Red Sox stole hand signals from the opponent’s catchers during a recent Yankees series and possibly during games against other teams."

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Facebook Watch is Live Across the U.S.

Facebook is making an attempt  to go head to head with YouTube as it rolls out Facebook Watch. Watch looks to become a viewing hub for original and sponsored video content, but, as it stands now, it's offerings are few and far between creativity wise. There is obviously a master plan behind the launch, but we'll see if they can get users to stick around for the payoff.

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Tech is Changing Mental Health

If you type "depression" into the Google search bar in the U.S. you may be in for some analysis. Type in the term and you'll be offered a test to see if you might have clinical depression. The test is made up of nine questions which measure everything from how often you have “little interest or pleasure in doing things” or if you have “trouble concentrating on things such as reading the newspaper." Individuals with mental health issues may sometimes not seek treatment due to embarrassment or fear of being weak or different, so Google aims to help with that. Google is no substitute for a doctor, but it's a big win if the test provides help for even just one person.

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An Algorithm for the Perfect Selfie

If you are a high school student in 2017, you have probably have already figured out how to take the perfect selfie. But it's not that easy for some--think about your parents! (Cringe!) Scientists have come up with an algorithm that takes lighting, position, face size and other inputs to help compose that perfect selfie. The technology isn't in the app store yet, but would you use it if it was?

Watch it here.

Flying Taxis Want to Take Off

Think of how amazing it would be to have a a flying taxi waiting for you the next time you needed a quick lift across town. Lilium, a German start-up company, wants to bring flying taxis to a curb near you. The flying machines ala Blade Runner are probably a few years away but we can't wait!

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