The Butterfly Effect

President Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall between the United States and Mexico has been the subject of political debate for more than a year. We all know what the President's goal is, but an entirely new topic has been introduced to the debate: Monarchs.

The National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas lies smack in the middle of Trump’s infrastructural dream. The wall’s construction along the Mexican border makes the North American Monarch butterfly susceptible to a “quasi extinct” classification. In layman’s terms, this means the Monarch butterfly population could fall to an irreversible low. Extended use of herbicides during construction have destroyed milkweeds in the area, which is the Monarch’s go-to place to lay their eggs.

The wall would ultimately prove disastrous for over 100 wildlife species that rely on the ability to cross the border area to reach nesting sites and natural resources. Wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin told NBC News, “It will choke off life from both sides.” The environmental guru also indicated that he would give the Trump administration an F on environmental policy thus far. He’s surely not alone.

{H/T: The Texas Observer}

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