Fusfoo Five: Tech (Jupiter's Spot, Tesla, PS4)

Tesla Model 3 Tweet

When he’s not mapping out his plans for a future city on Mars, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his company are building the next best car here on Earth. Musk recently tweeted the first released pictures of Tesla’s Model 3 fresh off the assembly line.

Tesla is aiming to sell the Model 3 for about $35,000 on the mass market. Musk is optimistic that the new product will generate five times the current annual sales volume of Tesla.

The Model 3 comes at a pivotal time for Tesla. Investors have been skeptical over Tesla’s future after concerns that the Model S sedan was experiencing a decrease in demand. After authorities eliminated a tax break on electric cars in Hong Kong, new registrations of Teslas considerably diminished.

Musk is confident that Tesla will be able to produce up to 20,000 copies per month by this upcoming December. This may be what Tesla needs to turn things around.

Learn more about Tesla here.

Destiny Comes Bundled

Any gamer would be thrilled to be the owner of Sony’s PlayStation 4. If you’re a fan of Bungie and Activision’s hit game “Destiny,” the PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle could be just what the doctor prescribed.

PlayStation is releasing an exclusive Destiny 2 PlayStation 4 pro bundle pack when the game launches this September. The bundle will consist of a sleep white PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB hard drive), a Dualshock Wireless Controller, and, of course, the next segment of the Destiny gaming franchise entitled “Destiny 2” for $449.99. The game itself won’t be released until September 6, but it is currently available to be pre-ordered. Gamers who purchase the bundle will have additional access to a “premium digital content pack” and experience bonus content before other gamers.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is acclaimed to be a definite improvement from it’s predecessor. More power, a larger hard drive, and the ability to play all sorts of video makes it hard to top the PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle.

Learn more here.

Jupiter’s Red Spot Revealed

Since the day of its discovery, Jupiter’s “Red Spot” has left scientists mesmerized and curious. Thanks to NASA’s Juno spacecraft, the scientific community is finally getting an up close look at the famous spot. 

The exploratory craft flew roughly 5,600 miles over the mountainous clouds of gas on July 10th, which is closer than has ever been explored before. 

The terrifying part is that Jupiter’s Red Spot is actually a storm larger than Earth itself that has persisted on Jupiter for centuries. "According to NASA’s Juno mission principal scientist Scott Bolton, "No scientists really understand exactly how that storm is created or why it could last so long.”

Besides taking photographs, Juno will carry scientific instruments to provide further analysis of Jupiter’s famous storm. Due to the spacecraft’s orbit, the probe will draw closer to Jupiter every 53 days. The Juno probe will be focusing on a different area of scientific study with every pass by. 

The data Juno collects probably won’t reach Earth for a few days due to the placement of it’s main antenna, but scientists could be on the verge of an otherworldly discovery.

See it here.

Amazon Prime Deals Dominate

Amazon Prime has already revolutionized digital shopping. But yesterday’s Amazon Prime Day took things to another realm. What is Amazon Prime Day? Think of it as online shopping’s version of Black Friday minus the stampedes. The 3rd annual Prime Day brought surreal discounts on anything from A-Z. 

This year's Amazon Prime Day earned 60% more sales compared to last year, making it the biggest sales day in company history. According to Amazon’s internal sources, the driving force of the sales was the smaller version of Amazon’s Echo speaker powered by the intelligent voice system known as Alexa.

Amazon released that the Echo Dot “was not only the best-selling Amazon device this Prime Day, but also the best-selling product from any manufacturer in any category across Amazon globally.” The product was calculated to have sold at a rate of over 6,000 copies per minute.

Amazon Prime Day’s member-only sales event lived up to the hype. CEO Jeff Bezos is certainly performing at the top of his game right now.

Read more here.

Apple is Ready To Invade Your Home

If you’ve seen the 1999 film “Smart House,” you may be skeptical of Apple’s smart home advertisement. In an effort to help consumers learn more about what smart home actually is, Apple installed it’s hyperactive HomeKit in 46 retail stores around the world.

HomeKit’s premise is to allow consumers to operate all HomeKit-enabled devices from one app. This means consumers will have the ability to activate multiple Apple products with one simple command. 

The device is designed to be the epicenter of your household. It can turn on lights, close the garage, and operate several other gadgets. Ultimately, Apple is trying to familiarize their customers with the benefits that the HomeKit technology can have on their everyday lives. With the Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices as their competition, Apple certainly has their work cut out for them.

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