The Magic of Sound Editing

What good is a video without good audio to match it? Sound editing is the way to get the best quality audio with a more nuanced sound. Editing sound adds greater depth and authenticity to any video.

Here are five need-to-know terms about sound editing:

  1. Sync sound: Sounds that are recorded from the camera. It’s always a good idea to attach a microphone to the camera to record better quality sound than the camera microphone.
  2. Foley sound: The reproduction of sound effects to add to video. The sound can also be made from the original objects or from something else. For example, sounds like footsteps or a door slam can be reproduced this way.
  3. Natural Sound (NAT): Sounds that occur naturally in their setting. Some examples are rain and cars passing by.
  4. Walla: The noise of a crowd or the buzz of people talking in the background. This works well as ambient sound when the background noise is too quiet.
  5. Sound Effects: Commonly used as a general term, sound effects are specifically used to create noise or enhance noise. Noises of car crashes and punches are usually created artificially and then added to the video.

Check out this great blog post on Vimeo for even more information on sound editing.

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