LUNA: From Chapter 2, "A Way Out"

This is an excerpt from chapter 2 of my novel (266 pages in all).  Last month I published chapter 1 here.  Click the link to read chapter 1 first if you'd like. Luna: Chapter 1

Overview: It is Luna's fifteenth birthday and the people from all over the town are celebrating! After having a heart to heart with her caretaker Ebony, Luna is granted possibly the best birthday present, which entails passing the building's gates. But not before she pays a visit to her last opulent birthday party there at the building.

Luna: From Chapter 2, “A Way Out”

"I wish to say happy birthday to you, but I noticed I couldn't since I didn't know your name." I heard a deep, yet soothing and sultry voice speak out beside me. Through my peripheral vision, I could make out the stranger's black outline, indicating his suit as a men's choice of attire for the night. The male placed his hands on the edge of the table like I had done before, however his actions were etched with more ease. I was able to see the boy's cuffed sleeve of his suit with my lowered gaze before lifting my head to look into his eyes. One of his eyebrows were hovering right over his blue eye while his other one was raised, waiting for me to give out my identity. I took note of his calm features as I let go of my plate.

"Who will be doing the wishing?" I asked curiously while I turned myself to face the boy, only out of respect. But it also gave me a better angle to look him over. He was dressed in a suit, very fitting and tidy. The dress shoes complimented his suit very well, as well as his hair. His brown hair was slicked back with some gel. He clasped his hands together while looking at me, a soft smile dancing on his lips. I questioned why this boy was asking for my name. Every person in this ballroom with me knew my name. He made sure of it.

"Garret," the boy finally said while extending his hand, causing the light to wink against his silver watch.

"Luna," I said as I shook his hand. His fingers subtly brushed against my palm when I pulled my hand away, his facial features not giving away any emotion other than his interest in knowing me, which made me question if his light touch was even real or not.

"Beautiful dress," he complimented while taking a few steps to his left, grabbing a porcelain plate and placing it beside mine.

"Thanks," I answered quietly and turned around to look down at my plate, grabbing a provided silver serving tong fork from the salmon dish and used it to bring a piece of the fish onto my plate. "You look very dapper in your tux." A smile played on both of our lips after my compliment.

"Thank you, Luna," he said and lightly chuckled at our mature pleasantries. He then went for a meat dish that I wasn't merely accustomed to, along with a side of mashed potatoes from a large bowl. I smiled at his use of my name in his sentence.

"How is your birthday so far?" He asked casually while lifting his plate off the table. He cut out a piece of his meat with a fork he obtained from a utensil organizer tray placed beside the stacked plates, before stabbing the meat and delicately stuffing it into his mouth. There was no doubt he had table manners hammered into him as a child.

"Well if there was a cake here with a rightly deserved fifteen candles, I would wish for more freedom," I answered smoothly while taking a piece of my salmon, silently savoring the taste before I had to swallow. I let out sigh of delight once I did, already going for another piece. "I don't get out much," I explained the reason for my wish.

"I believe freedom is good. But at some extent it shouldn't be given," he replied in a monotone voice before looking up from his plate at me. All I did was force a smile in response, not sure what meaning he had behind his words. I nodded to show my false agreement, slowly chewing on my second piece of salmon.

"So," he began while placing his plate down on the table, clearing his throat and adjusting the collar of his suit. He turned his body to face the guests, bracing his hands on the table behind him and tilted his head to look down at me. "Would you like to join me in a—." My attention was ripped from Garrett and brought to Ebony who was waving her hands in the air to get my attention from behind him. She was near the entrance of the room, where she had first left me. The look she exchanged said it all. It was time.

"I'm so sorry," I interrupted Garret as I placed my plate down as well. "I...I have to go," I said with a smile, hoping he would understand. I wouldn't have minded spending the rest of the night with him. He was sweet, funny, and a bit attractive. Also around my age, unlike everyone else in the room. He curtly nodded and showed me an understanding smile.

"I'll see you soon," I said as I began walking away from him, still making eye contact with him to make sure he heard me.

"Oh, it'll be much sooner than that," he assured me, which made me lightly laugh. I didn't know what he meant by that, but it made me feel giddy. I did my best to walk quickly through the guests while concentrating on not breaking an ankle in my kitten heels.

"Out of all the boys, you choose him?" Ebony annoyingly asked once I finally reached her. A smile crawled on my lips and I immediately shook my head, dismissing her accusation. I couldn't help but look over at where I had left Garrett at her mention of him. "It's not too late to change," she said jokingly while rubbing the small of my back in a soothing manner. I appreciated it greatly, since my nerves were all over the place.

This opportunity seemed so surreal. I have waited for this day for so long that I was starting to believe that there was a different reason, connected to my long lived desire to escape, that would explain for my inability to walk out of the room, besides my heels.

 Once we left the party, Ebony let out an effective whistle. Within seconds Alexander came walking down the hallway, his head held high and his Doberman ears perked up. I smiled at his presence.

"We have to stop off at your room first," Ebony anxiously instructed before I had time to kneel down to embrace Alexander. She pressed her fragile hand against the back of my left shoulder blade, gesturing for me to follow her. I stood and hurriedly walked down the hallway with Alexander and Ebony to my room, my hands shaking ever so slightly as I willed myself to think of this as my reality, in contrast to the dream I have always perceived it to be.

Sadie has been a part of Mr. Smith's creative writing club for two years and has loved every second of it. She feels comfortable in a single classroom with other aspirational writers. At 16 years old, Sadie is hoping to get her written novel out for others to enjoy, just like the other members of Mr. Smith's creative writing club have.

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