The Oreos We Love, The Oreos We Hate

Since their debut in 1912, Oreos have been the highest selling cookie in the United States. The simplicity of the chocolate cookie and creamy filling has definitely made the Oreo "Milk's Favorite Cookie!" You would figure Nabisco would adopt the old adage, “if it ain't broke, don’t fix it,”  but in recent years, the snack section of most supermarkets have been filled with a wide variety of exotic Oreo flavors. Thanks to a new collaboration with Dunkin' Donuts, even more interesting flavors could be on the way. Here are the five shining stars and low points of Oreo’s flavor experimentation.

Our Favorites:

5.  Red Velvet

Combining the flavor of this southern classic with the Oreo must have seemed like a no-brainer. The crème cheese filling with the "almost" chocolate red velvet cookie is so similar to the original, but with just enough difference to make it a crave-tation. When you want an Oreo but aren’t feeling that adventurous, the red velvet is here for you.

4.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

As if the discovery of chocolate and peanut butter together wasn’t Earth-shattering enough, mixing Reese’s signature flavor with the Oreo took it to the next level. We can thank the twins from The Parent Trap for this one.

3.  Golden Birthday Cake

The golden graham cookies with the vanilla birthday cake crème are as cohesive as they come. It’s always difficult to top the original, but these treats can make even a monotonous Monday at school feel like your sweet sixteen.

2.  S’mores

Admittedly, it’s upsetting that they didn’t decide to name these treats “S’moreos,” but we’re not ones to hold a grudge. Nabisco finally succeeded in harnessing this classic summertime flavor. Golden graham cookie with chocolate and vanilla crème could bring campfire vibes to even the most urban areas.

1.  The Original

Simply put, Oreo flavors are like Jaws sequels. Some are okay, some are tolerable only because of the title, some make you question humanity’s creativity as a whole, but absolutely none compare to the original. Also if you get enough of both, they’ll surely keep you off the beach for a while. You may also need a bigger boat.

The Worst:

5.  Watermelon

There are some paths you should just not tread down. This flavor mishap ruined all fruit flavored Oreos. Nabisco was clearly trying to take a summer approach to milk’s favorite cookie, but the taste was completely wrong. The two flavors are great separately and should be kept that way.

4.  Candy Corn

This Halloween classic didn’t translate well into the big leagues of American snacking. Orange crème filling with a hint of vanilla icing flavor sounds appetizing enough, but taste testers reported that the flavor was quite different than actual candy corn. Seeing that even the most diehard Halloween enthusiasts think of candy corn more as decoration than treat, this may not have been the best way to go.

3.  Swedish Fish

The potent cherry flavor might have captured the true Swedish fish taste, but mixing it with the Oreo was just a bad fit. The cherry tends to overpower the legendary chocolate flavor of the Oreo. In the words of hall of fame NFL coach Mike Ditka, “STOP IT.”

2.  Peeps

The sugary glitter of peeps is what you would expect to find in your Easter basket, not in between the chocolatey comfort of milk’s favorite cookie. We get that Oreos are meant to be sweet, but Peeps Oreos are too much. Someone should have hid these instead of the Easter eggs.

1. Cookies n’ Cream

Oreos are by definition a cookie with cream in the middle. Are potato flavored French Fries next? Or perhaps beef flavored hamburgers. C’mon Nabisco, you’re better than this.

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