Fusfoo News: June 19th

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Beybies

The wait for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twin “Beybies” is finally over. US Weekly confirmed that Beyonce gave birth to her twins earlier this week.

The sex of the twins was kept a secret, with some fans speculating if former President Obama had unintentionally revealed the gender of the twins in a tribute to the iconic couple of the music industry by laying out blue and pink balloons shaped like baby feet. The couple gave birth to a baby boy and baby girl at a local Los Angeles Hospital.

Other information about Jay-Z and Queen B’s new family additions hasn’t been revealed, but the music industry should prepare to be taken by storm by the time these kids are grown up.

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The Cosby Case Mistrial

Judge Steven T. O’Neil declared a mistrial in the sexual assault case of comedian Bill Cosby. The mistrial was declared after jurors reported being stalemated despite six days of debate and that their results were inconclusive. Following the declaration of a mistrial, District Attorney Kevin R. Steele made a solemn promise to put Cosby back on trial again.

The mistrial denied a final verdict to the dozens of women that accused Cosby of decades of heinous sexual acts. The panel of jurors debated evidence for up to 12 hours a day, but could not reach a unanimous verdict on Cosby’s alleged actions against Andrea Constand.

“We will take a hard look at everything involved and then we will retry it,” Mr. Steele said, believing that Andrea Constand “is entitled to a verdict in this case.”

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Amazon Buys Whole Foods

A $72 billion net worth is an achievement that would cause most people to retire proudly and reflect on their life’s work. But Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is not most people. Bezos is looking to push the envelope of Amazon even further by purchasing supermarket chain “Whole Foods”.

The purchase is ambitious to say the least and many Whole Foods shoppers voiced their concerns about the future of their beloved supermarket.

Retired teacher and avid Whole Foods shopper Nan Griffith said, “It’s like Amazon is taking over the world.”

Whole Foods is currently dealing with its worst financial crisis since going public in 1992. CEO John Mackey hopes to cut expenses and lower prices while maintaining the respected reputation his company has earned. Facing a heaping dose of pressure from shareholders, Mackey believes the deal with Amazon is the way to go.

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