Seniors Speak: Reflections

Countdown to freedom.  That's how one senior described the display in the lobby ticking off the final days of classes for our seniors. It seems, though, that they really have a variety of conflicting feelings about the looming end of their 5 year high school experience (at MHS because we have 8th -12th grade).  We interviewed and videotaped a sampling of seniors to record some of their thoughts and feelings. (Video link at top.)

Stephanie Goncalves is excited to leave and looks forward to more independence.  She fondly remembers Marching Band, Drama, and Latin Club.  She also says, "I'll really miss seeing my friends every day," a feeling that was echoed by many, including Nora Ziegler.  Kyle Lima, who will be attending the Culinary Institute in the fall, is not really thinking about the end yet - he's just enjoying the days.  He fondly remembers getting to the semi-finals in the soccer playoffs this year, and he'll miss, "Seeing my friends five days a week.  Having them all close together."

Sitting comfortably on the couch in the Senior Lounge, Shaina Gross states that she will always remember Battle of the Classes and being in Treble Chorus with Ms. Messina (her favorite teacher).  Long-time friends Sonia Zia, Zac Sloan, and Erin Talty were chatting and laughing at a table in the library when I asked them.  Sonia, who'll be attending Becker College in Massachusetts, will miss "being so used to everything.  My schedule.  The routine."  She'll remember reading The Outsiders and emphatically states, "More  sleep!" when asked what she looks forward to. Zac, like Kyle Lima, wasn't really processing it all yet, though his "mother was crying."  He'll always remember the senior musical (he was extraordinary as Horton in Seussical!). Erin will also always remember the Drama Club (she Killed It! as Catherine in Pippin).  Like Sonia, she looks forward to more sleep.  Interestingly, Erin commented that she was "more shocked at this time last year as a junior."  Saying to herself, "Oh my god!  I'm going to be a senior!"

And so, an era nears an end for the senior class awaiting their graduation ceremony.  But there is a reason we call that ceremony "Commencement."  Commencement means beginning, and so the thrilling (and a little scary) next leg of their journey begins.

I'm in my 38th year of teaching, 37 of them in Mineola.  I teach 8th and 11th grade English at the high school, and I am the adviser for the Question Mark, the high school newspaper.  I also am assistant director for the spring musical and the adviser for the Creative Writing Club. 

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