Fusfoo News: May 30th

Teen Targeted in Portland Speaks Out

Destinee Mangum, 17, was one of two teenagers who were targeted on a MAX commuter train in Portland, Oregon, when Jeremy Christian, an avowed white supremacist with a violent past, approached them and started shouting racial slurs. The teen spoke out for the first time about the experience and paid tribute to the two men killed and one injured who were trying to protect them. 

Read more about this tragic story here.

Millions Moved out of Mora's Path

Cyclone Mora touched down on the south-eastern coast of Bangladesh destroying thousands of homes and businesses and killing at least six people. Almost a million people were moved inland to protect them from the vicious storm which is expected to weaken as it crosses through to India.

Learn more here.

Tiger Woods' DUI

Tiger Woods was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence near his home in Jupiter, Florida. Woods released a statement saying alcohol was not involved and that he just suffered "an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications." The situation is another unfortunate setback in Tiger's once storied career. 

Read more here.

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