Time Passed By: A Holocaust Poem

By: Harleigh Hanes

January 30, 1933

This is when the Holocaust came to be

Full of heartache, torture, and pain

Soon everyone will know the name

Adolf Hitler was made leader of Germany

But nobody knew he’d kill so many

They boycotted Jewish shops

Being forced out by German cops

March 22 was the day

Concentration camps came to stay

They started the burning of the books

Ignoring all the worried looks

Not only was it if you were a jew

It was also those who didn’t fit in with the few

He took away their freedom

Locked them behind bars and didn’t feed ’em

The death came so fast

Nobody knew it would be gas

Miles and miles we traveled together

Walking forever no matter the weather

You may not know the whole story

Of how this chapter came to close

They died a death awful and gory

But the true heartache no one knows

Madison Walker is a Senior at the Shanksville-Stonycreek High School. She is the Student Council President, National Honor Society Vice President, writer for the school newspaper "Viklet",  member of Students Against Destructive Decisions, and Drama Club. Her extracurricular's include baton twirling for the New Centerville Spinnetts, Varsity Girls Soccer, and Track.  

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