Is it better to focus on one sport or play multiple sports?

I have played multiple sports throughout my high school and middle school career and I truly believe it was beneficial for me. Playing different sports gives you different skills to grasp and perfect. You can master skills such as dribbling a basketball to being able to juggle a soccer ball. It not only perfects physical skills but I also enhances teamworking skills. Playing multiple sports will provide different groups of people that an individual will have to learn how to work with. This will also help players gain new friendships with those on that athletic team, ones that will surely last a lifetime. For some people making new friends can be difficult, but playing a sport with a group of people that share a love for a particular sport, brings those people closer and develops a unbreakable bond. Taking part in multiple sports can be challenging but it can be very rewarding and memorable.

Madison Walker is a Senior at the Shanksville-Stonycreek High School. She is the Student Council President, National Honor Society Vice President, writer for the school newspaper "Viklet",  member of Students Against Destructive Decisions, and Drama Club. Her extracurricular's include baton twirling for the New Centerville Spinnetts, Varsity Girls Soccer, and Track.  

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