Planting the Seeds of Service: 8th Grade Community Service

It's springtime, which means allergies for some, spring cleaning for most, and flowers across the board. That's why on Tuesday, April 25th, eighth graders participated in the community service project, planting flowers to give to senior citizens in the community, and residents of Sun Harbor Manor (a local nursing home). About 50 students gathered in the cafeteria after school and planted flowers in individual pots. According to Ms. Burke, who organized the event with Ms. Rudnet, "The eighth graders planted over 100 marigold plants, which really brightened the day of our senior citizens from Lunch Bunch and the residents Sunharbor nursing home. It was a great turnout for our last
eight ways to serve project."

The Student Service Center, run by Ms. Burke and Ms. Rudnet, spearheads and organizes service projects for students in 8th-12th grade.  For 8th graders, they have developed "8 Ways to Serve" which are 8 different projects spread through the year.  

Just another junior waiting for AP season to be over :)

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