Cell Phones in Education

Every day, we are surrounded by technology that assists us to make our lives easier. The most easily accessible piece of technology is our cell phones. In fact, 95% of Americans have some kind of cell phone. It can also be a unique learning tool in the classroom. Whether it be through the internet, or through apps that aid in managing classes, the cell phone can give students an advantage in their education.

For the most part, we can search the internet wherever and whenever we want. This is useful in the classroom, due to the numerous projects students receive from teachers that require the world wide web. I believe cell phone use can even enhance a student’s willingness to participate in class discussion. More engaged learning with the ability to work efficiently should be a primary goal of teachers everywhere.

Teachers that shy away from using cell phones in class usually just create more problems. The majority of students will have their cell phones out one time or another. The other objective to all of it is to try and get students focused and to actually enjoy their class time rather to sit there and not be interested.

I feel students should have the opportunity to utilize personal cell phones during class. This is provided that they are doing something productive and worthwhile. We, as students have the opportunity to build our education through smartphones and reap the benefits of this phenomenal technology.

Shanksville Senior '17...Future Communications Student at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

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