Fusfoo News: April 24th

Thousands March for Science

Crowds gathered in over 600 cities across the US and around the world on Saturday, April 22nd to support science and fact-based research. The marches were organized to coincide with international Earth Day celebrations and aimed to bring more attention to climate change, clean water, and access to electronic global information. 

Watch Bill Nye at the Washington D.C. March for Science Rally below. 

France's Election: Round One 

French citizens went to the polls in the first round of a presidential election that is proving to be France's most high-stakes political contest in decades and one that holds the future of the EU in the balance. Far-right populist Marine Le Pen and and political newcomer Emmanuel Macron are the two front runners and they will move into round two of the elections on Sunday, May 7th.

Read more here.

Will There be a Government Shutdown?

Congressional leaders seem eager to avoid a government shutdown that virtually all parties agree would be a terrible idea. One giant sticking point is that the President and his administration want to use the deadline as a point of leverage for funding the border wall and increased military spending, which will prove difficult without bipartisan support. 

Learn more here.

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