Will there be a World War III?

Since World War II ended in 1945, the term World War III has been used to sum up destruction that could happen in the near future due to recent conflicts between major countries. The mounting tension between a handful of countries such as the U.S., Syria, Russia, North Korea, and China have led many to believe war is inevitable in the coming years. However, unlike World Wars I and II, world powers such as the U.S. and Russia did not possess nuclear weapons. This adds an unpredictable factor into the equation that people should take into account.

I believe that World War III will not happen within the next five years. The devastation from a world war today would be too great for humanity to continue. The loss of life could potentially be greater than both world wars combined.

Countries like Russia and North Korea suppress their citizens enough and taking them to war would be the opposite of what their people want. Eventually, the strained relations between countries like the U.S. and China will heal. The real enemy is the countries whose goal is to take over other countries. Even though I think that World War III will not take place any time soon, the rest of the world powers should note that a leader like Bashar al-Assad killing his own people is not acceptable.

World War III would be detrimental for the planet as a whole and cannot happen. All of the world leaders should come to their senses and start to remember that nuclear warheads are not toys. Serious discussions on reducing nuclear weapons should be had at conferences around the world. As humanity, we are all linked and should try to act as cohesively as possible to maintain existence on planet Earth without the need for another world war.

Shanksville Senior '17...Future Communications Student at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

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