Fusfoo News: April 17th

Coachella is Still the Ultimate Festival 

Coachella is still on our bucket list. This year's lineup featured Kendrick Lamar, Tove Lov, Lady Gaga, Radiohead, Gucci Mane, Banks, Future Island, Bon Iver and so many more of our favorite artists.  Not really sure if our parents would be onboard with us going, but it's good to dream, isn't it? Better start planning outfits for next year.

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April the Giraffe Finally Gives Birth

We waited and waited and watched and watched the live stream for way too many hours. April the Giraffe finally had her baby boy "calf" and the entire Internet breathed a sigh of relief. The baby measured over six feet tall at birth! The Animal Adventure Park Zoo in Harpursville, New York, where April and the calf's daddy, Oliver live, is having an online contest to name the calf.  

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Syrian Mayhem Continues

At least 68 children were killed in a bus bombing over the weekend when a vehicle filled with explosives hit the convoy of Syrian evacuees near Aleppo. The BBC reports:

"The bomb went off at Rashidin, west of government-held Aleppo, at about 15:30 local time (12:30 GMT) at the checkpoint where the handover of evacuees was due to take place. It happened when a vehicle loaded with food arrived and started distributing crisps, attracting many children. It is not clear how the vehicle could have reached the area without government permission."

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