Fusfoo News: April 10th

Three things you should know about this week:

Kendall is Upset

Kendall Jenner is still feeling the fallout from the controversial Pepsi ad that many called tone-deaf for its co-opting of the Black Lives Matter protest movement. Saturday Night Live even spoofed the ad this weekend. Watch it here.

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US Navy Strike Group Moves towards North Korea 

The conflict with North Korea just entered an new phase of scary. The US Navy carrier Constellation is headed towards the Korean Peninsula as a rebuttal to the North's aggressive actions, which include the ongoing testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles that threaten the regions stability. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told CBS’s Face the Nation that during the meeting between Donald Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping at the Mar-a-Lago resort this week, they “had extensive discussions around the dangerous situation in North Korea”. 

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New York Becomes the First State to Offer Free Tuition 

Some good news for students who are New York state residents! New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo got his plan to have the state supplement aid for in-state residents whose families earn $125,000 or less passed by the State Senate budget committee. This measure will provide tuition-free education at all state public two and four-year colleges. 

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