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After a mysterious Instagram post hinted a new album is on the way, Kendrick Lamar has dropped a video for what looks to be the LP’s first single, “Humble.” Co-directed by video vet Dave Meyers (No Doubt, Missy Elliot, Outkast), and The Little Homies (Kendrick’s “Alright”, “Poetic Justice”), “Humble” focuses on themes of God, religion and inner development, all stark counterpoints to the drugs and violence much of modern rap celebrates. The video’s imagery includes Lamar wearing a Catholic priests’ uniform in an empty church, Lamar at the Last Supper in Jesus' chair, and Lamar posing as the mustard-passing, limo rider from the classic Grey Poupon commericals. During its first 90 minutes on YouTube, “Humble” racked up almost 500,000 streams. Kendrick’s fourth album, still untitled, is expected to be released April 7.

Kendrick Lamar “Humble”

#Kendrick4 #HumilityAbility #Tranquility



A strong drought followed by a wet ending to Winter now finds California deserts bursting with rain-fed wildflowers in a phenomenon known as “super-bloom.” Over the past month, the dazzling sight has drawn nearly 150,000 people, tourists and locals alike, to typically quiet locations like Borrego Springs, a small town north of San Diego, and the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, CA. The most powerful display of super-bloom is currently occurring in Borrego at the Anza-Borrego reserve. Anza-Borrego is California’s largest state park, a 640,000-acre area containing hundreds of plant species, including blazing stars, desert lilies, and the giant Ocotillo plant. California typically experiences the super-bloom phenomenon once a decade.

Watch Southern California Super Bloom


#DesertDelight #WildflowerPA #CaliforniaLove



A fierce rainstorm in the town of Mocoa, Columbia has triggered multiple severe weather occurrences, leaving a trail of death and devastation throughout the area. AccuWeather Meteorologist Jordan Root explains, "A burst of heavy rain impacted the mountainous area on Friday night and quickly funneled into the valley, which likely led to a quick rise in the river.” The river rise then led to flash flooding, which immediately set several huge mudslides into motion. Given the speed of the flood, many residents were unable to seek higher ground and the powerful flow swept up all it encountered. Colombia’s Army reports that 254 people were killed, 400 injured, and 200 are still missing. Australia was recently struck by deadly weather as well, as Cyclone Debbie ripped through the country’s northeast region last Tuesday. The storm first hit the coast of Queensland bearing winds in excess of 160 miles an hour. Once inland, the storm weakened significantly, though the heavy rains that followed have caused widespread flooding throughout the region.

Deadly Floods In Mocoa, Columbia

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