A Few Words from the Seniors to the Juniors


                                                       A  Few Words from the Seniors to the Juniors
                                                                                    Edwin Melara

The snow’s finally melting.  The days are getting longer and warmer. Well, it's that time of year again. No, not only Springtime and the end-of-the year, but the transition for 11th graders into that all important SENIOR YEAR...Agh! Preparing for senior year can be a very nerve-wracking time, especially for us juniors who are taking the SATs and looking at college options. To put our minds at ease, I've decided to put together a list of advice for the juniors from the seniors. Now, since I'm a junior myself I can't really speak for the seniors. However, I reached out to members of the Class of 2017, and have been able to receive their input. Read what some of the seniors have to say to the juniors.

"Do your homework."- Amy Danialian

"Apply for college as early as possible." - Senior classmate

"Take time to research colleges in the summer so you are prepared in the fall to apply." -Ryan Gilbert

"Apply to colleges early in the year because it makes senior year less stressful." -Kristen Frawley

"Cherish the little things, because it will be over before you know it." -Senior classmate

"Get all of your college applications done in the beginning of the year."- Senior classmate

"Remember that everything is not as difficult as it seems. The whole college process will come together on its own;  just have faith in your guidance counselors. Also, remember to make every second count because it's your last shot here in Mineola." - Jack Gorman

"Get a job and start saving money ASAP... also start looking at college options."- Bryan Franz

"Train hard for Battle of Classes, or 2019 will win again :P."- Senior classmate

"Have fundraisers and market to other grades- if other grades buy things, you will profit and they will pay for your prom."- Senior classmate

"Make sure to do early action for all college applications. It will make your decision less stressful and there is more of a chance of being accepted" -Kellie Cassidy

"Your first semester of senior year is going to be the most stressful. Know what you want to do and be in life ahead of time and think about what college you want to go to a head of time. It will help a lot." -Nicole Pereira

"Cherish every moment because it'll be over before you know it" -Alyssa Tedesco

"Take all ACTs/SATs junior year, do college apps early, and buy all college credits."- Senior classmate

"Everyone lied.  Senior year is more stressful." -Emma Feimer

"Don't apply to more than 12 colleges." -Tori Ondris

"Don't give up on grades." -Michael Cappeller 

"Make the most out of every school event you can." -John Keyes

"It's not too late to take APs and try to get better grades. Don't stop trying your hardest just because it's your senior year."-Senior Classmate

That's a lot of valuable tips from the seniors. A lot of them had to say, as you can see, that we should apply to college through early action- I had not realized the benefits of this, which include increased chances of admission- You will show your interest to the college and colleges will have more time to read your application. Applying early will also cause less stress during your college application process, as your mind will be at ease after being finished with them, and you will know early on where you have been accepted. Many seniors have also mentioned to make the best out of your last year at Mineola High School, while being involved and making the best of every moment.

Thank you very much to the seniors who have contributed. You have all put our minds at ease for the upcoming school year!


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