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Livestream gaming and chat platform Twitch has announced it will air a 23 season, 831 episode marathon of Power Rangers, which is set to include all 19 series spin-offs and variations. The marathon, which coincides with the release of Lionsgate’s new Power Rangers film, will begin on March 15 and continue through March 30 on the platform’s Twitch Presents channel, available to all Twitch subscribers. Amazon Prime customers also have access to the marathon, further details of which are available on the Prime TV screening page. The marathon will be integrated with Twitch’s unique user-hosted livestream features, allowing subscribers to offer their own live commentary, as well as download Power Rangers Twitch emotes. The Power Rangers franchise, introduced in 1993, is based around the adventures of a group of teens who traverse the galaxy, morphing into superheroes and battling various evil forces.

Lionsgate’s New Power Rangers Trailer

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Twitch’s Pulse, a new, Twitter-like component of the gaming platform, is drawing rave reviews from beta users and electronics digests alike—tech website The Verge’s feature writer Casey Newton recently noted, “if Twitter were ever going to be disrupted, this is exactly what I’d imagine it would look like.” Pulse is a live feed that Twitch participants can use to display photos, game images, and text updates, providing both viewers and streamers with interactive content, even while game streams aren’t happening. Over the past three years, Twitch has become one of the web’s most successful platforms—after rapidly outgrowing its birthplace, live-streaming website Justin.TV, the channel was acquired in 2014 by Amazon for $1 billion. Twitch is now one of the web’s most popular sources of user-broadcast live video, posting numbers that exceed even Facebook or Twitter’s live video components.

Twitch’s Pulse Announcement


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The meteoric rise of Twitch has attracted many of the tech industry’s best interactive media engineers, and this week, as glowing reviews roll out for Twitch’s Pulse, one of Twitter’s big guns has jumped ship. Joaquim Vergès, the developer of top Android Twitter app Falcon Pro, announced this week that he will be joining Pulse’s Android team. In 2012, Vergès’ Falcon Pro, earned him an invitation to Twitter’s core UI squad, and while with the company, he became a main participant in the redesign of the company’s official Android app. Rumors have emerged this week that other elite Twitter and Facebook engineers are also being courted by Twitch to help develop Pulse. A recent press release from the company presents Pulse as “a place where streamers can post and engage with all of their followers and the greater Twitch community, right from the Twitch front page.”

Joaquim Vergès Twitter Feed


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On March 16, Twitch will continue its rollout of new social networking features with the release of the “enhanced” Twitch desktop app, which is reported to be a rebranded version of Curse, the gaming community management tool the company acquired last year. While Twitch and Curse were not direct competitors, Curse did offer streaming tools that Twitch did not, as well as a vast database of game guide websites. These Curse features will be integrated into the new Twitch product, which is also said to include community servers, voice and video messaging and game distribution materials. Insiders say the launch of the app is an integral part of Twitch’s strategy to turn the platform into a true social networking entity by giving streamers’ followers the means to connect when their favorite gamers are offline. 

Original Curse Site


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For those not involved with gaming, Twitch’s draw can be hard to understand, as simply watching others play video games doesn’t seem to offer half the excitement a live sporting event, movie or television show does. For gamers though, Twitch is a one-of-a-kind hobby mecca that allows users to witness live gameplay before purchase, learn and practice game skills, and watch the world’s top players engage in competition. And surprisingly, it’s also becoming a way to earn cash! For those who reach a high enough channel subscription level, the platform allows users to run ads as well as charge subscription fees, which include special incentives for paying subscribers, such as private chat rooms and emoticons. And even for those still developing their skills, Twitch allows streamers to send “virtual tips” through PayPal and Venmo. To put it simply, with enough time, practice, strategy and imagination, all Twitch users can potentially become “professional gamers”!

Amazing Facts About Online Gaming


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