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To keep pets, children and mischievous friends from chewing on your games, Nintendo has thought ahead and coated Switch cartridges with a nasty finish sure to compel creatures of any age or species to spit it right out. During an interview with the gaming website Polygon, a Nintendo spokesperson revealed that “a bittering agent (Denatonium Benzoate) has been applied to all game cards,” adding that it is the “most bitter chemical compound known to humanity.” In fact, research has shown that humans cans detect Denatonium Benzoate in water at a ratio of 50 parts per billion. France has made Denatonium Benzoate a mandatory ingredient in antifreeze, Italy has required it be included in ethanol, and Oregon made it a mandatory additive in all windshield wiper in 1995. Thankfully, the compound is not poisonous, just unbelievably hideous to taste.

Webcaster Performs Switch Cartridge Taste Test


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As if its playability, portability and cool controllers weren’t enough, the release of Nintendo Switch brings with it a new installment of the classic Nintendo franchise Legend of Zelda. The first Legend of Zelda was released in 1986 to rave reviews from players around the world, and soon became synonymous with the platform itself. There have since been 18 different installments of the game released across all of Nintendo’s gaming systems, as well various spin-off games and portable versions released via Capcom, Vanpool and Grezzo systems. Though the game’s plots and enemies have changed over the years, main character Link has remained the star throughout every installment of the game. As of 2016, games from the Legend of Zelda franchise have sold a total of more than 75 million units worldwide.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch vs Wii U Analysis

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One of Switch’s main selling points is its groundbreaking interchangeability, enabled by a new controller which transforms for handheld vs. docked gameplay. No matter how cool an electronic device’s features are though, whether a device can be repaired or not is always a factor in gauging overall awesomeness. Many companies sell computers and gaming systems that can cost a fortune to repair (sometimes more than a new device), or in some sad cases, systems that can’t be repaired at all. Electronics repair site iFixIt has taken the liberty of de-assembling the Switch’s controller, reviewing its components and gauging whether the device is repairable or not. Turns out that it is not only repairable, but even relatively cheap and easy to repair, in the right hands.

iFixIt Tears Down the Switch Controller

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It’s basic psychology—the more in demand a product, food or location is, the more desirable it becomes. In extreme cases, the effect begins to perpetuate itself, and something that isn’t even that great ends up immensely popular. Thankfully Switch has been reviewed and tested worldwide by gamers of all ages, and its awesomeness has been confirmed across the globe. Nevertheless, it is going to be hard to get one, and that does make us want it even more. The day of release has now passed, so unfortunately it’s too late to pre-order one. For those about to begin the hunt, here is the story of one woman’s 5-hour, 20-phone-call, 10-store-search for the Nintendo Switch console. Strategy, sympathy and success are all found below. 


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Unlike other old school system revivals (Atari, Nintendo Classic, Sega Master System), the Switch will bring with it loads of new games. As of release day, Nintendo’s main office had confirmed that 75 Switch games are on the way, with over 80 more in development. Even better, many of the games are continuations of classic franchises, such as Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, Mario Kart, Minecraft, Super Mario, and Street Fighter. So, let’s review—the game cartridges taste bad, Legend of Zelda is returning, the expensive controllers can be fixed, the system is psychologically desirable and tons of games are new coming. That’s five big sell points, so better start your hunt!        

Complete List of Switch Games and Expected Release Dates


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