Fusfoo Five: Politics (Trump takes the Floor)


On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump gave his first speech to Congress, an expansive, one-hour event that ranked among the longest initial congressional addresses ever. In the weeks leading up to the speech, the president and his camp came under heavy fire for justifying various claims and administrative actions using “alternative facts” rather than demonstrable truths. For the many citizens left dumbfounded by this curious methodology, Trump’s congressional address can be seen as a pleasant anomaly—sort of. This morning, a thorough and impartial CNN fact-checking report found the majority of the president’s address to be at least premised upon indisputable fact, though misleading in many areas. The President’s claims were graded as such—crime and murder rate claims were found to be true. Pipeline issue, defense spending, lobbying ban, employment level, job creation and post-election stock market claims were found to be true, though misleading. Trump’s claims on terrorism and terror attacks however were found to be factually inaccurate. The evidence CNN used to evaluate Trump’s claims came from a bevy of reports released by government and/or government-sponsored agencies and sources. 

CNN’s Reality Check Report


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